Trusted Manufacturer of Leading-Edge Electric Motors and Generators


Red Band integral horsepower AC induction motors have been manufactured continuously at EAC’s facilities for over 90 years. Built in 1915 by two University of Michigan Electrical Engineering professors, the original plant supplied most of the Automotive Duty Motors for Henry Ford’s Rouge Complex and Chrysler’s plants. Electric Apparatus Company was formed in 1982 by management buyout to focus the company’s assets on advanced technology and special purpose motors.

Our mission: develop and manufacture truly innovative motors and generators that enable the advancement of a broad range of industries.

In use by major corporations throughout the world, Magna Star and Red Band motors continue to power the industry forward.


Fabrication components are pre‑machined for the highest quality fit and finish.


Final machining process includes multiple QA certifications.


Lamination blanking, parting, and notching are all done in-house to ensure the highest levels of precision and repeatability.


Only the finest, low-loss, electrical grade steels and coatings are used for laminations.


Magna Star and Red Band motors use only copper-barred rotors for the highest power densities—and the ultimate in durability.


Lap-wound stators ensure the highest efficiency, optimal electrical balance, and maximum corona-inception thresholds with high-temperature, long-life copper magnet wire.


Every Magna Star motor undergoes a rigorous final QA process that includes full-speed bearing break-in with complete vibration analysis plus electrical performance testing.