Industrial-Strength Motors and Generators for Demanding Applications

Magna Star

High-Speed/Variable Speed AC Induction and Permanent Magnet Motors


EAC is a world leader in the development and manufacture of advanced-technology high-speed/variable-speed AC induction motors. Speeds from zero to 30,000 RPM. Power from 10 to 6,000 horsepower (4,500 KW). Primary applications include desalination; water purification; automotive, aerospace, off-road, and railroad test; tunnel-boring machines; chemical process equipment; and large-vehicle traction drives.


All voltages through 5,000V

Frame sizes: 160 through 1000 (NEMA Std., equivalent Metric sizes available)

Enclosures: air-cooled, blower cooled, water-cooled, liquid gap cooled

Poles 2–36

Mountings: horizontal, vertical, flange, foot

Enclosures for hazardous locations, explosion-proof options

High-Speed Pump and Compressor

Direct drive, special shaft extensions, special materials, shaft mounted impellers. Precision balance, grease lube, ultra-high precision bearings.


Magna Star 300 HP, 9000 RPM, FC360Z, High-Pressure Pump Motor

Vehicle Test

Direct-coupled Roll Dynos, direct axle test, Motor-in-the Middle Dynos, Inside-Out Roll Dynos, high torque, low-speed Absorbers, Road Simulation Dynos, Mileage Accumulators, EPA test.


Magna Star 1675 HP, 500 to 4500 RPM, Liquid-Gap Cooled, LC9000Z, Locomotive Chassis Dynamometer Motor

Component Test

High speed, high torque, low inertia, special speed/torque characteristics, Absorbers, driveline test Drivers, and Absorbers. NEMA Class H Insulation, NEMA MG-1 Part 31, IP23, ISO G1.0 Balance.


Magna Star 738 HP, 1350 to 6500 RPM, FC580Z, Hybrid Vehicle Transmission Research Dynamometer


Underground Mine Duty, direct drive, multiple motor load sharing, single speed/multi-speed, high shock, and vibration service. Medium voltage, high reliability, MSHA Certified Explosion Proof. 1000:1 RPM Inverter Duty, IP65 Enclosure, Class N Insulation.


Magna Star 150 HP, 1800 RPM, 1000:1 RPM Inverter Duty, Water-Jacket Cooled, MSHA XP Certified, WC360DZY, 950 V, Tunnel Boring Machine Drive Motor

Chemical Process Equipment

Hazardous environment explosion-proof, corrosion-resistant, chemical resistant, Wash-Down Duty, Centrifuge Duty, sealed machine fits, special coatings. IEEE 841, Inverter Duty, UL Class1 Group C and D Div 1 and Class2 Group E, F and G Div 1 Construction, Epoxy Spec. VPI Windings, Epoxy Spec. Paint.


Magna Star 250 kW, 5000 to 10200 RPM, Vertical Shaft, WC360CZ, Chemical Process Atomizer Motor

Spindle Drive

All OEM spindle configurations.


Magna Star 10/10 HP, 1800/900 RPM, Multi-Speed, Low Torque Ripple, Inverter Duty, C160DZ, Direct Drive, Milling Spindle Motor

General Purpose

All applications, enclosures, and ratings.

27_Magna_Star_Heavy_Transmission_Research_Dyno_Motor (1)

Magna Star 800 HP, 7000 to 10000 RPM, FC500Z Frame Motor

Large-Vehicle Traction Drives

Compact, high power-to-weight ratio. High torque, poly-phase, all speeds, ultra-high efficiency, energy conversion hybrid engine systems. Space constraints accommodated.


Magna Star 120 kW, 1400 to 5000 RPM, Water-Jacket Cooled, Permanent-Magnet, PM310, AI-Controlled “Smart Bus” Traction Drive Motors

Red Band

Severe-Duty and Special Purpose AC Induction Motors


Power to 6,000 horsepower (4,500 KW), speeds to 3,600 RPM @ 60 Hz (3,000 RPM @ 50 Hz). Red Bands are designed and manufactured specifically to provide superior performance and reliability under the most demanding conditions. Used as primary power source across most industries including durable goods manufacturing, oil and gas, chemical process, construction, mining, agricultural, municipal, and food processing.


All voltages through 5,000V

Frame sizes: 160 through 1000 (NEMA Std., equivalent Metric sizes available)

NEMA Designs A, B, C, D, and Special Hybrid

All Enclosures including TEFC, ODP, TENV, Weather Protected, Water Cooled, Air Cooled Aux Vent, Blower Cooled.

UL, MSHA, Canadian, Australian Certified explosion-proof

Poles 2–36

All mountings: horizontal, vertical, flange, and foot

Press Duty

High torque, high slip, 5–8%, 8–13%; VFD Duty simulated slip. Main Press Drive, Slide-Adjust Brake Motors. Copper alloy bar rotors, shock resistant, special internal cooling systems. Cast-iron construction, U-Frame, TEFC per GM 7EQ and Chrysler NPEM-100, ODP per Ford EM-1, Pre-NEMA replacements, press retrofits


Red Band N686 Frame, 300 HP, 1200 RPM, Automotive Spec., Alloy Copper Bar Rotor, High-Torque, High Slip, Main Drive Motor

Mixer Duty

High torque, multi-speed, special duty. Cast iron, extra rugged bar rotor construction. Class H Insulation, VPI Stators, NEMA Design C.


Red Band 50/25 HP, 1500/750 RPM, 50 Hz., Low In-rush, High-Torque, NEMA Design C, 2-Speed, Wash-Down Duty, Dough Mixer Motor


Single and multi-speed, submersible, explosion-proof, stainless steel construction, Drive and Brake Motors for Rakes and Traveling Screens.


Red Band 5/2.5 HP, 1800/900 RPM, Class 1 Group C, UL Explosion-Proof, Stainless Steel, Submersible Brake Motor

Mine Duty

Above and below ground; Mine Duty TEFC and TE Water-Jacket Cooled, MSHA XP. Direct-drive Longwall Conveyor, Cutter-Head, Crusher, Tram, Gathering-Head, Feeder, Conveyor, Feeder-Breaker, Pump, Fan, Continuous Miner, and Road-Header Motors. Medium Voltage, sealed leads, moisture-proof; retrofits and replacements.


Red Band Extreme Duty, 200 HP, 1800 RPM, 950 Volt, MSHA Certified Explosion-Proof, C445TDZY, Conveyor Feeder-Breaker Drive Motor

Foundry Duty

Sealed machine fits, high-strength special shafts, slingers, Class H Insulation, cast iron construction. Hydraulic-pump motors.


Red Band 40 HP, C364TZY Frame, Foundry Duty Motor With Slingers and Pump Mount

Chemical Duty

Hazardous environment, Explosion Proof, Centrifuge Duty, IEEE 841 Specification.


Red Band C445T Chemical Duty Motor: IEEE841 Spec. UL Certified XP for Class 1 Group C&D and Class 2, Groups E, F, and G

Crane Hoist

5–8%, 8–13%, and over 13% slip, 15–30-minute duty, multi-speed, multi-winding. UL Certified XP for Class 1 Groups C and D and Class 2, Groups E, F, and G


Red Band 20/3.3 HP, 3600/600 RPM, 326TS, NEMA Design, D (5-8% Slip), Automated Rack Retrieval, Crane Hoist Brake Motor

Offshore Duty

IEEE 45, water-tight, tropical insulated.


Red Band 5 HP, C180TDZ, IEEE 45, ABS Offshore Duty, Capstan Drive Motor

Military Spec.

MIL 17060E Service Class A and C.


Red Band MIL 17060E Service Class A, 1.5 HP, Ductile Iron Casting, High Shock Duty, Ordinance Elevator Gear Motor

Special Machine

AC Induction Motors in a variety of enclosures designed specifically for machines such as tire builders, coilers, wire tensioners, crushers, extrusion presses, centrifuges.


Red Band 18/9 HP, 1800/900 RPM, Locking Duty, Combination Gear-Box/Brake Tire-Builder Motor

Magna Star Generator

High-Efficiency AC Induction and Permanent Magnet Generators


EAC is a world leader in the development and manufacture of advanced technology high-efficiency AC induction generators. Power from 10 to 6,700 horsepower (5,000 KW). Primarily used for dynamometer absorbers and power generation.


All voltages through 5,000V

Frame sizes 160 through 1000 (NEMA Std., equivalent Metric sizes available)

Enclosures: air-cooled, blower cooled, water-cooled, liquid gap cooled

Poles 2–36

Mountings: horizontal, vertical, flange, foot

Enclosures for hazardous locations

Dynamometer Absorbers

High-speed/variable speed. Speed\torque curves to match customer specifications. Low inertia, low noise, low torque ripple.


Magna Star 500 HP, 500-4000 RPM, WC720Z, Low Noise, Low Torque Ripple, Heavy Drive Train Absorption Dyno

Power Generation

Ultra-high efficiency (98.5%). Low mass, hollow shaft, aluminum frame, high power-to-weight ratio available. Extended-life designs with High Corona Inception Voltage Windings. Also submersible units with special coatings.


Magna Star 225 kW, 900-2450 RPM N4411, Extended Life, High-Efficiency Power Generator